Welcome to the Canadian Paso Fino Horse Society

Since 2008, the CPFHS has been raising awareness about the Paso Fino horse in Canada and providing a place for Paso Fino enthusiasts to unite and share their love of this unique breed. It’s our mission to preserve, promote, and refine the Paso Fino horse breed in Canada through the operation of a national breed registry and membership program. Our organization also regularly hosts educational and sporting events dedicated to improving recognition of the Paso Fino horse, including training clinics, trail rides, shows and demonstrations, breeding education, and various equestrian learning programs.

Today, the CPFHS has a diverse membership consisting of professional trainers, breeders, trail riders, and show competitors, along with horse owners and enthusiasts. Though our members come from many different backgrounds, we all share one thing in common: A deep love and appreciation for the Paso Fino, the world’s smoothest-riding horse.

Are you interested in owning or learning more about the Paso Fino horse? Join the Canadian Paso Fino Horse Society today! Becoming a member has multiple benefits, including discounts on riding lessons, horse purchases, boarding, and much more.

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The Paso Fino horse is well recognize for smoothest ride in the world.

Board of Directors and Staff

The CPFHS is made possible by our committed team of directors and staff:
Oscar Dalmao
W: 905-624-8388
C: 647-406-6168
Linh Truong
W: 905-624-8388
C: 416-277-7818
E: lynn_truong@hotmail.com
Douglas Lozada
Board Member
C: 416-831-5659
Moises Chevere
Board Member