Our Mission

The mission of the Canadian Paso Fino Horse Society is to promote the Paso Fino to horse riders, equine enthusiasts, and horse breeders Ontario and Canada-wide. We hope to improve recognition of the Paso Fino horse’s incredible versatility, both in the show and competition ring and on the trail.

Through our breed registry, training, and education programs, we also strive to maintain the integrity and unique attributes of the Paso Fino horse, so that future generations may continue to enjoy the “smoothest riding horse” in the world.

History of the CPFHS

In March 2023, our efforts were formally recognized by the international Paso Fino community. We’re pleased to announce that the CPFHS has been welcomed as a member of La Fundacion Confepaso Internacional (CONFEPASO). CONFEPASO is a worldwide federation of horse breeders dedicated to preserving the integrity of the Paso Fino horse breed and expanding its presence on the global stage. CONFEPASO establishes standardized criteria for breeding, training, showing, and marketing Paso Fino horses, ensuring that the breed remains authentic to its roots while continuing to improve.
The CPFHS was established in 2008 by Dr. Oscar Dalmao, a lifelong Paso Fino enthusiast and owner of Hacienda Santa Maria farm, with the support of a team of committed Colombian Paso Fino horse trainers. We recognized the need to establish a national network for Paso Fino owners and admirers in Canada, and to create a registry for Paso Fino horse breeders Ontario and Canada-wide. By doing so, we hope to safeguard the purity of the Paso Fino horse in Canada and continue to refine the natural traits of this gentle, willing smooth-gaited horse.

Hacienda Santa Maria Farm

Hacienda Santa Maria, our main farm, is conveniently located a short distance north of Toronto in the scenic village of Erin, Ontario, near the world-famous Angelstone Tournaments equestrian venue. As one of the foremost Paso Fino horse breeders Ontario currently has, we provide a wide range of services and programs, including offering show-quality Paso Fino horses for sale, horse training, riding lessons, and equine outings and events.
Thanks to the knowledge and expertise of founder Dr. Dalmao and his team of horse trainers and riders from Colombia, Hacienda Santa Maria has raised and shown some of Canada’s highest-performing Paso Fino horses. Two of our prize-winning Paso Finos, El Manto de Santa Maria and Uruguaya de Santa Maria, have won first and second-place awards in several international competitions, including the 2021 World Cup Paso Fino competition and the 2022 Extravaganza International. To date, this is the highest rank ever achieved by Canadian Paso Fino horses on the international stage.
Through our ongoing work with the CPFHS, we hope to further the excellence of Canadian-bred Paso Fino horses and build the Paso Fino horse community here in Canada. We believe that every horse enthusiast should get to experience the exceptionally comfortable ride of the Paso Fino.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a breed registry?

A breed registry (also known as a studbook or herd book) is an official list of horses within a certain breed (with known parentage). Breed registries help to track and improve horse breeds by standardizing breed criteria and encouraging informed breeding practices.

2. What are the benefits of joining a horse organization?

Equine societies and associations provide a great opportunity for horse owners to share their pride and enthusiasm for their favourite breed. Registering your horse and becoming a member of a society or association is also a great way to learn more about horses, find exciting equine events in your area, and share your knowledge with others.

3. What makes the Paso Fino horse special?

The Paso Fino horse has many excellent attributes, including gentleness, stamina, spirit, and willingness. However, this horse breed is most famous for its incredibly smooth four-beat lateral gait, which lacks the “bounce” of a trot while still covering ground efficiently. The Paso Fino’s gait is natural; i.e., Paso Fino horses are born with their signature “fine step” and are not trained to move a certain way. Nonetheless, skilled training brings out the best in these horses by refining their control and enhancing their responsiveness.

4. What are Paso Finos used for?

The comfortable gait of the Paso Fino makes it an ideal pleasure and trail riding horse, while the breed’s stamina and agility make it well-suited to barrel racing, driving, and other Western disciplines. The Paso Fino is also a popular show and dressage horse thanks to its natural beauty, responsiveness, and fine step.